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Oban at Dawn

Welcome to Kerry and Patricia Milan's
site for Scotland.

With thoughts for a "New Song" very much in everyone's mind, we have included here three new pieces which capture the spirit and excitement of the age - all recorded with soprano Caroline Milan.

"Heart of Scotland" was Kerry and Patricia Milan's contribution to the debate on a new national song for Scotland. We hope you find it enjoyable; but above all that it stirs and inspires you.  The tune itself speaks unmistakably of Scotland, and the words take for their inspiration its natural beauty, its history (..."and I declare..."!) and above all the character of its people.

"Flame of Destiny" is a hauntingly beautiful melody, its words "... each destiny entwined" perfectly capturing the mood of the new parliament.   

"Blue Dawn" has an equally haunting tune, the words similarly optimistic, with its theme "the waters flow on" linking past and present, and for ever offering a new hope.  For background references please visit the separate Background page.

"The New Twasome" as its name hints, is an arrangement of "Flame of Destiny" and "Blue Dawn" combined.  The two pieces were written to be able to be played - and sung - together and I look forward to hearing a choir performing them - separately AND together!  Any offers?!


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The words for all the songs are grouped together under "The Words"

To see sample music pages, and obtain copies,  visit "The Scores"

and for a little background information please see "Background".

"Today" is the poem by Thomas Carlyle.


(right: the Waverley off Oban) 

The Waverley

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