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The Ars Brunensis Chamber Choir was founded in Brno in 1979 and since then has participated in many international competitions, winning, among other successes, the IFAS in  Pardubice in 1998.   Under the direction of the young Czech conductor Dan Kalousek, who succeeded Jan Rozehnal and Roman Valek, the choir is much sought after for broadcasts and recordings and gives regular concerts with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra's Chamber Orchestra and Brno Chamber Orchestra.  The choir's repertoire ranges from early unaccompanied works to the contemporary.  <<Choir Biography>>

BRNO is a large, vibrant city in the Czech Republic which has managed to retain the charm of its old town, reminiscent in part of Prague itself.  The composer Janácek was born in 1854.  His father was a choirmaster and at the age of 11 the young Leoš entered the Augustinian monastery at Brno as a choirboy.  He went on to teach at the teachers' training college there, and in 1881 founded the Brno Organ School.  Janácek's opera Jenufa was premiered to great acclaim in Brno in 1904, and the city's strong association with music is just as evident today, and nowhere more so than in its breathtakingly beautiful choir.


Conductor Dan Kalousek

Dan Kalousek, and right, the Ars Brunensis Chamber Choir -
36 strong for Completus!

Ars Bruensis Choir

The Church of John Huss, Brno

The church of John Huss, Brno,
Czech Republic

Medieval Brno.

By the cathedral

The Capuchin Crypt

The Opera House

Above: three views of the old city.  Below: the Academy of Music and Drama, and left, the Janácek opera house.

The Academy of Music and Drama, Brno